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Legal & Tax help for business

As a legal firm we provide legal services across a wide spectrum of business and commercial activities. If you are looking for a law or tax practice to represent your company in Poland or you are willing to start your business in Poland, especially in Lower Silesia district, we can help You.

We can help business owners select the business entity that best suits their needs. Choosing the right business entity is the most important thing for maximizing profit while limiting taxes and liabilities.

First and foremost we are commercial and corporate law firm. We offer advice to companies about all aspects of law that may be relevant to their existence from company formation to company insolvency. We give advice on shareholders' meetings, directors' responsibilities, labour and employment matters, property matters, copyright law, real estate law and tax law.

For business clients we provide services in the following legal areas:

  • commercial and corporate law
  • civil law
  • litigation law
  • employment and labour law
  • tax and accounting law
  • copyright law
  • real estate law
  • contracts and agreements law
  • press law
  • criminal law